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George Vaults bespoke induction stove


George Vaults Rochester.

This cooking suite with 2 x planchas, 2 x Slider® Induction solid tops and a salamander was installed in August 2016.

Induction stove at George Vaults

 The finished cooking suite in position.

Induction cooking suite loading

The induction cooking suite was loaded at 11am for delivery at midday after the electrical supply was fitted.  

Induction cooker unloaded and being wheeled into the restaurant

The installation started with the stove being unloaded and wheeled through the restaurant to the kitchen.

Induction cooker in the air and going into the kitchen

The installation was tricky with the whole stove having to be lifted over the pass counter and the salamander welded on site.

Induction cooker above the pass and nearly into the kitchen

The cooking suite almost in the kitchen. For safety the induction stove was supported by stacked pallets while being lifted.

Salamander stand fitting

The salamander stand was then carefully fitted to the stove.

Finished induction cooking suite next to combi oven

5 hours after starting the installation, the induction cooking suite is in position and ready to be powered up, note all the storage space. Unlike many of our competitors, we don't blank all the space in and waste it just to make our stoves look grander ......... but if you want it we'll do it.

Twin French planchas

The planchas are christened with flatbread, different but it worked.

Gastronorm storage space under the induction cooktop

Gastronorm runners under the cooktop provide useful storage.....and proving space.

Cooking suite location

The corner of the kitchen where we installed all of our electronics inside the stove. Note the corner where we made the notched section of cooking suite.

Cooking suite location George Vaults

The George Vaults kitchen in Rochester prior to the new induction cooking suite being installed.