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Harborne Kitchen - Birmingham

Harborne case study - work in progress



Harborne Kitchen - Birmingham

Harborne Kitchen Front

 Jamie Desogus's Harborne Kitchen is one of our favourite installations of 2016.

Harborne induction suite equipment

The story started back in 2015 when Jamie and one of our cooking suite designers, Angela Wildman, were discussing Jamie's upcoming kitchen project. On 27th February 2016 Jamie contacted Angela and they discussed the design above. Angela sent Jamie all the information on our planchas and Sliders®.

commercial induction suite peninsula Harborne

By 9pm Angela had discussed the stove layout with Geoff Snelgrove and he had produced this basic first draft CAD drawing incorporating Angela's idea of swinging the stove through 90 degrees to create a peninsula. At 10.30 that evening the drawing was sent off to Jamie and it slotted in perfectly with his ideas of how the kitchen should be.

Harborne cooking suite drawing

Jamie took the design and laid it out using the sizes of our cooking kit.

Commercial cooking suite draft2 drawing Harborne



 Commercial cooking suite chalk 2floor drawing HarborneHarborne commercial catering induction 2aframeworkHarborne cooking suite2a in use

 We love these images showing Jamie at the pass, drawn on the floor, with the induction suite behind him, then at the pass part finished and then in full operational mode.

Commercial cooking suite metal at site Harborne

 Start day, the stainless steel counters are laid out on the floor prior to positioning and welding.

Commercial induction suite delivery van at Harborne

 The induction cooking suite is brought in through the back doors.

Commercial induction suite framework harborne


Commercial Inductionn suite framework 2 Harborne


Commercial induction part built frame Harborne

 Induction cooking suite framework


Harborne framework cooking suite


Harborne commercial catering suite production



Harborne commercial catering induction framework



Harborne cooking suite in situ


Induction cooking suite Harborne 


Commercial induction sink Harborne


Commercial Induction suite part finished Harborne

Commercial Induction Suite near finished 2


Commercial induction suite near finished Harborne

 Commercial Induction suite Harborne3

Commercial Induction suite near finished lights Harborne


Harborne commercial catering salamander



Harborne bespoke cooking induction suite in useHarborne bespoke induction suite in use



Harborne induction suite in useHarborne cooking suite in use

Here is a video showing the final result for a great working induction suite at Harborne Kitchen courtesy of @outinbrum.

 Harborne restaurant induction suite framework 

Commercial induction suite window Harborne

 All completed, delivered, installed and open for business! Take a look at our return visit to Harborne Kitchen to see our induction suite in action.