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French plancha

Our French plancha is a master of consistency. Our plancha cooks quickly but gently because it has 25 times the heat capacity of a frying pan and a system which brings heat to the contact point with the food 5 times quicker than a pan. Because you set the plancha so it doesn't reach carbonizing temperature, food cannot be burnt. This all makes plancha cooking quick but calm in a way it will never be when pan frying. With a power of only 3.5 or 4kW the plancha is also incredibly efficient. When not in service the plancha also doubles as a great stock boiler

Island induction suite

Twin plancha alongside Sliders® at South Lodge Hotel,Sussex

Twin plancha with oven under

Twin plancha at Olivers Eatery, Ken Symons restaurant in Falmouth, Cornwall

double plancha

Double countertop plancha

single countertop plancha edited 1 800x600

Single countertop plancha

Double plancha landscape

Two single planchas in induction cooking suite 

Single French plancha

Single plancha in induction suite

Twin plancha two salamanders and Slider

Two planchas with salamanders above

Double chrome planchas Sliders at Rogan and co

Two chrome planchas in Simon Rogan induction stove at Rogan & Co

Double French plancha with oven a Sliders

Double chrome French Plancha in induction cooking suite at Middlethorpe Hall

Sliders and planchas at Rogan and co

A pair of chrome French Planchas at Simon Rogan's Rogan & Co. in Cartmel, Cumbria

Double plancha landscape

A pair of French Planchas set front and back at The Ship in Ellie in Scotland

Ribbed French plancha

Ribbed French plancha

Plancha cooked fish and scallops

Because a plancha cooks by contact you have fantastic control over the cooking process

Verveine twin plancha 2 induction hobs