Countertop commercial induction hobs - We have literally hundreds of commercial induction hobs in stock with models suitable for all types of commercial catering applications. Call us on 01622 872821 for more information and next day delivery.

Induction hob boiling water in 8 seconds - click here for video


Induction Hob Control Induction CI 30E  commercial induction hobsinduction cooker wok ci131g

 Countertop commercial induction hobs


 Bespoke Suites 


Commercial cooking suiteBespoke commercial cooking suite installed at 'Where the Light Gets In' in October 2016.











 Commercial cooking suite inductionBespoke commercial induction cooking suite ready to be installed at Harborne, Birmingham in October 2016.








Induction suite bespoke SalumiInduction cooking suite including three SlidersĀ® and two chrome planchas installed in Salumi, Plymouth in 2015.











You can see our induction cooking suite gallery for more bespoke cooking suite ideas or take a look at some of our bespoke projects.




induction hobs and plancha les chats swindonInduction cooking suite with plancha: This suite was installed in October 2010 and has performed well serving a busy French Bistro style restaurant.










induction cooker wok ci131gInduction Wok Cooker Control Induction CI31GWok induction hobs: Can be supplied as free standing countertop units or built-in to caterers work surfaces to give a flush easy to clean wok induction cooker. 






portable induction hob 800x600The countertop induction hobs are portable.











 induction and plancha 800x600Bespoke cooking suites with induction hobs and planchas: If you want induction hobs built into a beautiful cooking suite, look no further, at our Kent factory we can build a suite designed to your specifications.






induction hob with recessed boiling rings 800x600Marine induction hobs: Induction hobs for ships, oil and gas rigs designed and built to suit your application.







induction hob 6 x 3.1kw 2 800x600Six ring induction boiling table: We have manufactured single ring induction hobs, 2 ring induction hobs, 4 ring induction hobs, 5 ring induction hobs, 6 ring induction hobs and 8 ring induction hobs.






induction cooking suiteMade to measure induction hobs: Induction hobs to your specification, from economy to luxury bespoke induction suites. We have the products and the expertise to advise you on the best induction cooking products for all types of commercial catering application.






 induction hob control induction ci31t3Two ring domestic induction hob. 






quad induction 4 zones 800x600Quad induction hob and four single induction hobs built into a stove. - This induction cooker has four single induction cooking zones (just showing on the left hand side of induction cooker image on the right) and a single 'induction solid top' with four independently controllable zones. All eight zones in this unit have independent controls which can be adjusted to control by temperature (thermostatic control of each induction hob) or controlled by adjusting the power level.





induction quad induction and 4 ring induction 800x600Four single induction cooking rings and four rings in one zone.







drop in double induction jamie oliver 800x600Drop in two ring induction hob.







8 ring induction hob 800x600

Eight ring induction hob. Four single induction cooking zones and one quad induction cooking zone (induction solid top).







granite induction counter 800x600Granite induction counter with drop in hobs.







pancha and induction mounted on a low level refrigerator 800x600Plancha with 4 induction rings on refrigerated counter. We manufacture cooking tops for fitting above various types of commercial refrigeration and counters. This option can keep the cost of the induction cooktop down and offers excellent value for money.






four zone induction with pansFour zone induction hobs with 4 pans.







induction hob and french plancha 800x600 Four induction hob zones with Plancha.







10 ring induction hob table

 Ten ring induction hob table.







six ring induction cooker jamie oliverSix ring induction cooker.







induction cooker delivery for jamie oliverSix ring induction cooker delivery.







plancha and four induction hobs 800x600Plancha and four induction hobs.







four ring induction with plancha 800x600Four ring induction with plancha.







plancha with control and grease tray 800x600 French plancha with grease tray.







5 ring induction hobs ready for installation2 x 5 ring induction hobs.







plancha controls 800x600

Plancha controls and grease tray.







induction with plancha aerial viewAerial view - Bespoke cooking suite with induction hobs and plancha.







5 ring induction hob for marine use

Marine use - 5 ring induction cooktop.







8 ring induction hob and 2 ring induction hob Eight ring and two ring induction hobs.







eight ring induction cooking suite for the royal society 800x600Eight ring induction suite with ovens for the Royal Society.







induction and plancha les chats 800x600Chrome plancha on induction cooking suite.







double plancha above clifton water bath at the six ashes 800x600Double plancha above Clifton water bath in the Six Ashes Inn near Shrewsbury.












four individual induction hobs and a single four zone hob 800x600Four ring induction hob and four zone single induction in Da Polpo restaurant in London.







 four zone induction hob control panel 800x600Cooking power settings on the four zone induction hob in Da Polpo.







induction hobs in theatre cooking suite for reading college                        induction theatre cooking suite lowered 800x600induction theatre cooking suite raised 800x600

Height adjustable Access Induction for disabled chefs.                  Access induction suite shown lowered and raised.       


induction solid top prior to thermal imaging test

Induction solid top ready for testing. This unit incorporates slide control with one side of the hob being low power and the other high power.