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How efficient is induction compared to gas?

Induction stove thermal image

This thermal image shows an empty gas range in the foreground pumping out heat while the induction range in the background shows pans that are only hot at their bases. 


Gas versus induction. 

Having used induction cooking equipment, almost all of our induction stove customers wouldn't dream of ever fitting a gas stove in their restaurant kitchen. Whilst real test cases of gas v induction show savings of over 75% (down from £30 per day for gas to £6.50 per day for induction) the financial savings are only part of the story. When customers say they feel healthier with induction  (because they no longer breath in burnt spillages) or that they have got 5 hours per week of their life back these benefits seem to be more important than the financial benefits of installing an induction cooking suite. 

Low cost induction v quality induction. 

In the past 10 years there has been a massive increase in the quality of low cost induction cooking equipment. Sadly high quality induction catering equipment is still quite expensive. The volume market for low cost induction has grown massively bringing economies of scale. Unfortunately the same hasn't happened with reliability of low cost induction cookers. Expensive high quality induction catering equipment is still much more reliable than its low cost equivalent.


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