Busy 64 Degress London

Cambridge Street Kitchen - Previously 64 Degrees London 

Suite has six 3kW induction hobs. 

Busy Alimentum Stove 

Alimentum - Cambridge

Cooking suite is built with four 3kW induction hobs, two 10kW sliders, four single French Planchas, convection oven, combi oven and a salamander. 

Busy Peninsula

Robert Thompson's busy induction stove - Isle of Wight 

Suite has 4kW induction hobs, a twin French Plancha, Adande fridge and a Salamander. 

Busy Rising Sun

Induction suite at The Rising Sun - Bristol

This cooking suite is made up from four 3kW hobs and a single French Plancha. 

Joro Plancha Busy

Joro - Sheffield