Plancha and induction cooking are two things that really interest us but we find the plancha more exciting, because it often actually improves the quality of food that a restaurant produces. This article was written back in 2012 and in 2016 this induction stove with planchas still looks great in Jon's kitchen.

Last week I took a client to Lumière restaurant in Cheltenham. What ensued was a masterclass in plancha cooking. Jon Howe the Chef, who is, with his lovely partner Helen, proprietor of Lumière would have been someone who I would have said doesn't actually need a plancha. Although that statement still stands, what Jon showed me was that a great chef can have an easier life, with less things to go wrong, if his equipment gives him amazingly consistent results.

One other thing that struck me was how good Jon's cooking suite looked after 8 months of use, a testament to good engineering and Jon's good hygiene standards. The 4th pic' shows the suite when it was delivered in January 2012.

jon howe and his induction stove with plancha 800x600Lumiere suite hobs planchaPlancha cooked pigeon breast at Lumiere 800x600lumiere 5 800x600 800x600Plancha seared pork belly plus scallopLumiere Induction stove with planchaPlancha cooking potatoLumiere plancha in usePlancha multifunctional