Servicing & Spare Parts


Our suites and cookers are manufactured by our experienced team to the highest standard using the best quality materials. We recommend annual servicing to ensure they stay in optimum condition, All services include a complimentary general clean and inspection of all induction components.

However, in the event you do have an issue, we're here to help! Call us on 01622 872 821 or CLICK HERE to get in touch with our servicing team!


Servicing.jpg1 | Servicing

Includes change of fans + filters, ensuring optimal airflow to reduce risk of over heating, which in tern increases longevity and reduces the risk of technical failure. We'll orbarate Planchas, where applicable, removing excess carbon build up & clean the gullies to help prevent grease build up or blockages. 


Repairs1.png2 | Repairs & Maintenance

From time to time, we understand things may not work as expected or accidents may cause damage the suite or glass. When this happens, we’ve an experienced team or our recommended maintenance partners who can attend to make any necessary repairs.


Spares.png3 | Spare Parts

We offer an extensive list of replacement parts available to order for quick delivery. Whether an in-house maintenance team or competent engineering company, we’ll supply the required parts quickly and efficiently to be able to get any suite back to being fully efficient and functional.


Advice.png4 | Technical Advice

With our lifetime support we’re on hand to answer offer advice and answer any technical questions. From how to best clean our French Planchas to advice on what may be causing a fault, we’ll happily offer support. We’re available by calling 01622 872 821, Monday to Friday between 9am to 4.30pm.


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