Peninsula Induction Suites

Peninsula induction suites are a great configuration. Here is the new cooking suite for Adam Humphrey, chef proprietor of Arras restaurant in York. You can see an interesting angle of the cooking suite to make it match the kitchen wall. Note the space left at the bottom rear of the stove to allow for waste and water to the combi ovens. #attentiontodetail.

Induction suite Arras in situInduction suite front Arras Salamander plancha

 Sadly there is a habit of building cooklines along a wall. Robert Thompson's induction stove in his Isle of Wight restaurant started as a wall suite but working with us we found a way to fit a peninsula suite. The result is a great stove, excellent communication between the sous the cdp and the head chef, less verbal communication, finished items closer to the pass resulting in a stove that the team say is 'a dream to cook on'.

Peninsula induction suite with oven and Adande

Robert Thompson with his new induction stove

Busy peninsula cooking suite

Busy induction cooking suite

Peninsula induction suite

Peninsula cooking suite in Birmingham

Peninsula cooking suite with 6 x 3kW induction cooking zones and 2 x planchas

Peninsula cooking suite with 6 x 3kW zones and 2 x planchas at Killingworth Castle, Oxfordshire