The Slider® is the ultimate induction hob. Giving maximum pan space and using the heaviest duty electronics it gives Chefs the best in functionality. It is the perfect electric cooking product for a busy commercial kitchen. This coupled with low maintenance costs, efficiency and the intuitive method of power control, make it the ultimate product for any chef considering induction.


Induction Solid Top - The Slider® - click here for pdf

Induction Solid Top - The Slider® - click here for YouTube video [Cold to boiling showing the power gradient]

Slider induction with ten pans

Simon Rogan's The French - Manchester 10 pans on one Slider®

Casamia induction stove

Casamia - 1 Michelin star - Bristol

A pair of Sliders® mounted with their high power ends towards the centre of the stove.

Sliders induction with planchas

John's House - 1 Michelin star - Leicester


  Slider induction video on YouTube - Cooking Honeycomb

Slider induction video on YouTube - Cooking Pancakes