This stove was commissioned from QCM Equipment by Josh Eggleton of the Michelin starred Pony and Trap in Chew Magna, near Bristol.

Induction Stove with plancha salamander grill and green egg

Above and below is the first incarnation of Josh's cooking suite, this version had a Green Egg ceramic charcoal oven.

Induction stove with planchas salamander grill slider and green egg

Seen here at The Restaurant Show in October 2015 you can see the built in Adande fridge and chrome plancha.

Induction stove with plancha and salamander grill

Here's the induction stove's final incarnation with dual fuel charcoal and gas grill, Sliders®, Multi Zone induction, planchas, fryers, oven and Adande fridge.

Kitchen entrance at The Pony and Trap

This is the entrance/staircase Josh's stove had to be manhandled through/up.

Pre induction kitchen at Pony Trap

Josh's kitchen prior to the new cooking suite being installed.