Why we are good at commercial kitchen design and why it's not always needed. 

We pride ourselves on our design skills which go into everything from our manufacturing processes, our stove construction, our electronics but most importantly the configuration of the stoves we build. We also spend much time designing kitchens. We realise that great kitchen design isn't just about the best theoretical kitchen design, it's about the design that works best for the chefs and the best commercial kitchen design is probably the design that puts perfect food on the pass ... consistently. 

It's very easy to see a kitchen space and simply suggest a design that you've used before and works well, but you may be missing a trick. With effort you might come up with something better, or the chef you're working with may have better ideas. We probably supply induction stoves that we've designed ourselves in 7 out of 10 cases, but the cases we enjoy most are the 3 out of 10 where the chefs or kitchen houses design input is incorporated. We are often told 'you are the only ones who listened to me' when we win an order, equally we are more often told, 'you came up with the best design'. What we try to do is use our knowledge and that of those we are working with, be they chefs, designers or business owners, to deliver the ultimate design that fits the needs of the eventual 'owners' of the kitchen.

When we start the design process we try to ignore the equipment and focus on the food, the chefs and what the restaurant wants. This may vary from simply high consistent output, to improving comfort or ergonomics to, for example, reducing traffic, reducing energy costs or cooling the kitchen. Sometimes our clients are aware of things such as potential cost savings but reducing weekly cleaning times by a few hours might not have been expected. The equipment we suggest is dictated by the above factors. It is only at this point that we consider equipment. We genuinely propose what we think is best for the restaurant kitchen and not what we'd like to supply. This coupled with our broad knowledge of equipment is what makes chefs and owners alike, love our cooking suite and kitchen designs.