We are unique in the UK, in being the only company that specialises in induction stoves. Like most people, we aren't special, we just happen to be passionate about what we do and have the team and all the knowledge, equipment and parts required to do our job really well. 

  • Decades of experience selling, installing and servicing commercial catering equipment.
  • A limited product range, 95% induction and planchas, 5% salamanders, ovens, fridges, etc.
  • Massive stocks of glasses, plancha parts, induction generators, etc, etc - let us hit 90%+ first visit fix.
  • Specialisation in induction cooking suites means all of our team know our products in a way our competitors who buy in their induction stoves cannot.
  • Having built so many configurations of induction stoves and suites means that we have probably made something similar to what you are looking for.
  • Our knowledge of cooking and kitchens lets us bring the favoured stove/pass configuration to 80% of restaurants whose designs we get involved in.